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18. Európa street, Bükfürdő H-9740



The venue plays a key role in the successful organization of conferences, corporate gatherings, further training, business meetings, but especially the year-end holidays. The spirit and atmosphere of the place, the professional technical conditions all contribute to the fact that the most important professional events really fulfill their mission, providing a long-term experience for their employees, partners and business partners.

Say goodbye tot he Old Year stilishly and give thanks at an elegant event in the Caramell Premium Resort!

With us, you have the opportunity to thank your colleagues their work, crowning it with a pleasant gala dinner, or even several days of relaxation combined with wellness increasing their motivation, giving them energy to another successful New Year’s start. Caramell Premium Resort takes the burden off your shoulders, our staff will organize it for you, and you can be sure that you will surprise your colleagues, co-workers and partners with an unforgettable end of the year. The location is ideal and easily accessible by motorway.

Indoor Programs

Evening game (quiz)

Grouped around a topic agreed with customer, a list of entertaining logical and skill tasks guarantee the light switch off after a tiring working day.

Maximum: 25-70 People

Time Frame: 2-3 hours


 Caramellised joy- waltz of chocolate and sweet nectars

Silky and smooth, sweet and bitter, spicy and fruity tastes, meeting of flavours. A special atmosphere gourmet night pampering the taste buds:

  • tasting qualitative nectars (coffe, whiskey, wine, fruit brandy) and real chocolate.
  • We send you ourspecial offer after exact request. Waiting for your request, inquiries!