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The value of human touch is not comparable to anything, not only a pleasant feeling, but it also has a demonstrable physiological effect: relaxing, stress-relieving, blood circulation-improving. Beyond the physical effects, the positive impact on the soul is also invaluable.

Caramell Premium Resort as the first holistic hotel in the country, besides classic refreshing, relaxing massages and traditional treatments, offers a whole range of holistic and ayurvedic body treatments for pampering and harmonizing the soul and spirit, even treatments and baths and sauna sessions. guests.

Pamper yourself in the revitalized oasis of tranquility, offering uncompromising luxury through the high quality of services and the beautiful interior design. The effect of the rituals offered by the wellness department the natural essential oils, topical herbs, healing lights, meditative mood makes it strong.

The value of human touch is unmatched. Beyond the demonstrable physiological effects, its positive impact on the soul is invaluable. As our body relaxes, our minds calm down,the voices of our soul are intensified, and inner harmony is created.

Aromatherapy massage to the whole body 50’                        

Aromatherapy massage to the back 25’  
Manager massage 25’                       
This is to give thorough massage to the back, neck and shoulder girdle to relax weary spasmodic muscles and relieve pain.       

Sole massage 25’                   
The sole massage is to boost defence of the body and metabolism.

Detox massage with honey from Vas 25’       
Honey offers a number of health benefits, such as detoxication, removal of metabolic waste, treatment and protection to the skin.
Lymph massage 50’                       
By activating lymph circulation the self-purifying detoxication process will be triggered. This is an efficient way to mitigate the symptoms caused by lymphoedema.

Sole reflex zone massage 25’               
The sole reflex zone massage is a treatment to nerve endings by applying pressure, which offers to restore the proper functions of organs.

Hot stone massage 80’                       
Feel the positive energy radiating out of stones, which makes your body and soul relax; you will forget stress and you will be refilled with energy.

Hawaiian lomilomi massage 80’           
The massage offers you to achieve physical and mental purification and healing.    

Ayurveda – Abhyanga massage 50’

This is to harmonize the energy and detoxication of the body. The whole body massage reduces stress by making use of the harmony created through the interaction of the hand, oil and body. The massage is performed by using customized warm Ayurvedic oil. It improves the tone of muscles and it is beneficial to joint concerns.

Chinese massage 50’                   
This is to maintain harmony and balance of organism, helps the venous and lymphatic circulation and activates tissues. The Chinese massage involves whole body massage, pressing acupressure points, passive moves and techniques beneficial to the state of joints.

The result of the Thai massage is provided mainly by harmonizing energy flow in the body. The speciality of the Thai massage is that the masseuses use not only their fingers but also their hand, elbow, knee and foot while massaging the biological points. They enhance the efficiency of the massage by pulling, stretching and creaking the various parts of the body. In physical and psychological sense the aim is to relieve pain and stiffness and to create a flexible and relaxed state of the body.

Traditional Thai massage 30’
Traditional Thai massage 60’
Traditional Thai massage 90’
Aroma oil Thai massage 30’
Aroma oil Thai massage 60’
Aroma oil Thai massage 90’
Herbal Thai massage 60’
Herbal Thai massage 90’
Thai sola massage 30’
Thai sola massage 60’


Whole body massage for couples 50’

Back massage for couples 25’

The beauty products used by the treatments for disposal. Ask our colleagues for advice!

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The base of holism is that the universe is a whole, integrated organism, everything is connected with everything. Man should be looked as a complex, full being. The duo of the body and soul could not be separated during the treatments that is why the focus is on the trinity of the body, soul and spirit.  The aim is to get in harmony with the self and and the universe around. In the world of holistic services, the wisdom, coming from ancient cultures, the supply, concentrating on the unity of body, soul and spirit and the luxury, provided by modern wellness could make our boldest dreams for relaxation and renewal come true.

The soul is ageless and it is known that it’s soaring desire could be limited by only the experiences and fragile borders of the body. These two could not be separated in the holistic view, our inner peace and positive reflection is hanging on their balance. In the endless flow of everyday challenges, there could be myriad occasion, when our body could not follow the desire of our soul, or quite the contrary, our soul could not keep the pace with our body. In case of tune out, we suffer the consequences. Unless we focus on keeping and regaining harmony.

From the moment of entrance, our staff of professionally skilled and prepared therapists are helping the guests of Caramell Premium Resort**** on the way of spiritual conversion that can help you explore the magic of complete rebirth and holistic view. To make our inner harmony a lasting reality, we need impulse, bearing relaxation and renewal. The Caramell Premium Resort could create such a safe environment that even the most withdrawn soul could open to change, walking the path of beauty, positive reflection and inner peace.

Holistic treatments


Tibetan sound therapy 25’

At this treatment the therapist uses a hand-made bowl of 22 various metals which is sounded – vibrated – over various points of the body. The benefits of the sounds are realized through the patent’s organs of senses. After the treatment you feel relaxed and full of energy.

Tibetan head massage with crystal rods 25’

The massage is performed with two crystal rods, with circular moves and gentle pressures on the head and neck. It stimulates blood circulation and by this means it improves the supply of the brain with oxygen and nutriment.

Tibetan treatment with oil massage 50’

This is a combined treatment comprising of oil body massage and activating the chakras by using a special crystal rod and a sound bowl. The treatment is finished with short relaxation by using a mandala. It relieves stress, releases the energy blocks and stops pain in muscles. By improving blood circulation it makes a contribution to the recovery of the harmony between the body and spirit.

Crystal massage with balls 50’

This whole body massage is performed with a rose quartz ball and with circular moves. The massage gives gentle pressures on both sides of the body and harmonizes the chakras with the appropriate crystals. It helps in overcoming inner tension, in relief of stressful and spasmodic states and thus stops pains caused by them. It accelerates blood circulations and thus helps detoxication.