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BIOLA – Makes you beautiful in a natural way

Biola organic cosmetics are the first and - so far – the single Hungarian product having Biocontroll – and Demeter certificate. The ingredients of the cosmetics contain minimum 95% ecologically farmed vegetable ingredients from organic farming.

Exclusive face firming treatment 70’       
During the Anti Age Super treatments we only use highly qualified Demeter products. Due to the very high active ingredient content of the cosmetics, it slows down the aging of the skin. Thanks to the special lifting massage, the wrinkles become faded, the skin becomes more toned and hydrated. Yam’s root, a source of eternal youth, makes the skin more flexible, brighter due to its phytoestrogen content. The body and soul rest during the treatment, the relaxed state is very important for better absorption of the active ingredients.

Everyoung anti ageing luxury facial treatment 70’
Everyoung anti ageing luxury facial treatment with cleansing 100’                   
Everyoung Biocosmetics is Biola’s newest luxury product line. It is known about the skin-regenerating supportive effect. It contains extracts of antioxidant herbs. Extracts of argan oil, mango and antioxidant-rich rosemary in the presence of aloe-rich moisturizers material and special lifting massage protect and promote the youthful freshness of the skin.

Everyoung hydrating-nourishing luxury facial treatment 70’
Everyoung hydrating-nourishing luxury facial treatment with cleansing 100’   
The purpose of hydrating cosmetic treatment is to restore the optimal moisture content of the skin, to support the regeneration processes of the skin. It helps with aloe, grapefriut chia seed extract and vitamin E, the result is a refreshed, renewed skin, better circulation, metabolism, skin breathing, hydration, nutrition and increased stress tolerance.

Pampering organic face massage 40’
The herbs applied during the face treatment protect the skin against the environmental exposure and free radicals. The high antioxidant content of aronia is beneficial to the skin with extended capillaries and to any sensitive skin. Also recommended for gentlemen.

Organic hibiscus anti-aging face treatment 60’
During the treatment there is a number herbs use which slow down the aging process of the skin. Aronia and hibiscus support the regeneration of the aging skin and juvenile radiation, while 3D hyaluronic acid helps long-lasting hydration. Due to its intensive anti-aging effect, the product is a genuine rarity. Also recommended for gentlemen.

Organic Mary thistle detox face treatment 70’
he special massage stimulating lymph helps removal of the accumulated toxic substances even from deeper layers of the skin. By the end of the treatment the skin will become youthfully fresh and shiny. Also recommended for gentlemen.

Organic lemon balm face cleansing treatment 90’
After gentle cleaning of the pores your skin is pampered with sage massage oil enhancing skin firmness and with wheatgrass massage cream. Thanks to the cosmetics rich in bioactive ingredients your skin will regain its balanced condition and healthy radiation. Also recommended for gentlemen.

Bio hydrating-nourishing face treatment 60’
This a vitalizing face treatment, hydrates the skin and fills it with vitamins, which is also supported by the soothing and nourishing effects of pumpkin, Mary thistle, grape, quince, line-blossom and pomegranate.

YOUNG - Treatments for children and teenager

The young skin also needs hydration and pampering; Caramel Beauty offers exclusive and gentle treatments for all age groups. The herbs contained in the products used during the treatments are from organic farming, and they are certified organic products.

Massage for children 25’ (6-13 years)
According to the age of the child the intensity of the massages may vary from the gentle touch to the firm kneading. It is beneficial for blood circulation, stimulation of the digestive system and for digestive disorders.

Sweet dreaming – Chocolate facial treatment 30’
After cleaning the skin with Echinacea face milk produced for sensitive skin the child can have a taste of organic wheat grass massage, then we apply chocolate musk containing a lot cocoa powder onto the sensitive skin of the child. This pampering treatment is recommended for young patients of 5-14 years getting insight into cosmetics.

Hamamelis facial treatment for teenagers 70’
This is a cleansing facial treatment performed by using a number of herbs, such as savory, lemon balm, bloodwort, purslain, thyme, stonecrop and marigold, which soothe the sensitive skin. The cosmetics rich in herbs and expertise of our colleagues provide the development of the appropriate skin condition.

“Little Princess” manicure, pedicure 30’ (up to the age of 12)


Ultra sound
Eyelash painting
Eyebrow painting
Eyebrow plucking
Resin face
Resin upper lip
Resin leg up to the knee
Resin leg - full
Resin bikini line
Resin armpit
Resin arm - full
Resin forearm
Solarium (4 minutes)

CARE FOR HANDS AND FEET - A flawless manicure begins with healthy, resistant nails

Manicure 30’

Pedicure 35’

Japanese manicure 40’

Japanese manicure is the treatment and polishing of the nails with beeswax, the result is permanently stronger, brighter nails. The procedure is done with all-natural material and is also recommended for the most sensitive nails.

Nourishing hand ritual 50’

Pamper yourself with the exotic scent of orange blossoms and let yourself be pampered by its beneficial effects. The corn peel removes dead epithelial cells from the hands and arms. The combination of a care mask and moisturizer soothes the skin. After the massage, the skin of the hands feels soft, smooth and silky.

Nourishing foot ritual 50’

Complete refreshment for the legs. The peeling cares for the skin of tired feet. The moisturizing mask and the tropical body butter soothe the skin. After the massage, your skin feels soft, supple and silky.


French polishing

Shellac (Gel lacquer)

Gellac removal


Beauty treatment with the power of the moon

To balance your body, soul, and spirit, it is worthwhile to call the moon phases, so treatments will be more effective externally and internally. People attributes mystical power to the Moon thousands of yeas ago and they adjusted their whole life to it. The mysterious relationship between the moon and women has been known since ancient times. Even the ancient women also watched the moon if they wanted to be more beautiful. Nowadays, more and more people are turning to nature, natural cosmetics, natural active ingredients, and striving for a healthier lifestyle.

New Moon 

The body and soul are looking for renewal. This phase enhances the effect of detoxification therapies. The New Moon symbolizes restart, finding the right path and powerful impulses. In this case, the body, the soul and the spirit rebuild themselves, and the flow of energies is also given new impetus. This is the best time to detoxify and purification your face and body.

Organic Mary thistle detox face treatment 70’        15.900 HUF

Scrubbing face and body treatment 100’                  23.500 HUF

Rising Moon

The human body fills up its energy stores at this time, making it an excellent time for the use of anti-wrinkle, rejuvenating cosmetic treatments. With the rising moon, the time has come to provide the skin with nutrients and moisture, thus feeding the deeper layers of the skin. The skin will be wetter, firmer, more bloody, so skin’s self-healing ability will be more active, vitamins and minerals will regenerate your skin more intensively.

Exclusive face firming treatment 70’     23.500 HUF

Naturissimo floral face and body ritual 70’           20.500 HUF

Full moon

Physical and spiritual harmonization, the period of renewal, the blood supply of the skin is excellent, so the nutrients and active ingredients are especially well integrated into the deeper layers of the skin.

Bio hydrating-nourishing face treatment 60’     11.900 HUF

Relaxing whole body massage for couples 50′     26.500 HUF

Losing Moon

This period is the best time to go on a diet, to detoxify the skin and to decompose it. This is the best time to do the facial cleansing treatments and the peeling of the acne skin. The active ingredients of cosmetic creams have a deeper and longer effect at this stage. It is a period of spasmodic, relaxing massages.

Organic lemon balm face cleansing treatment 90’  17.500 HUF

Ayurveda-Abhyanga massage 50’      16.500 HUF

The beauty products used by the treatments for disposal. Ask our colleagues for advice! Our prices include VAT and are given in HUF. We reserve the right to change the prices5