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Sauna world

The value of human touch is not comparable to anything, not only a pleasant feeling, but it also has a demonstrable physiological effect: relaxing, stress-relieving, blood circulation-improving. Beyond the physical effects, the positive impact on the soul is also invaluable.

Caramell Premium Resort as the first holistic hotel in the country, besides classic refreshing, relaxing massages and traditional treatments, offers a whole range of holistic and ayurvedic body treatments for pampering and harmonizing the soul and spirit, even treatments and baths and sauna sessions. guests.

Pamper yourself in the revitalized oasis of tranquility, offering uncompromising luxury through the high quality of services and the beautiful interior design. The effect of the rituals offered by the wellness department the natural essential oils, topical herbs, healing lights, meditative mood makes it strong.

Finnish sauna

Temperature: 85-95 °C Humidity: 10% The health conserving effects of the sauna are the stress relief, strengthening the immune system, aiding the good metabolism and keeping the tautness of the skin. Using the sauna regularly would open the new horizon of exhilaration and quality of living.

Steam cabin

Temperature: 40-45 °C Humidity: 100% Because of the benevolent effects the steam cabin provides to our health, it can ease the symptoms of respiratory diseases, makes our skin smooth and hidrated, gradually stimulates the detoxication.

Bio sauna

Temperature: 40-60 °C Humidity: 40-60% According to the lower temperature, the aim of the bio sauna is to secure the pleasant relaxation and fine recreation.

Physiotherm Infra cabin

Temperature: 35-40 °C The use of Physiotherm Infra cabins could improve the circulation and the blood flow into the organs, muscles, connective tissues, and skin, stimulate the metabolism, generate relaxing messenger materials and strengthen the immune system.

Aroma sauna

Temperature: 50 °C Humidity: 40-55% The aroma sauna is a kind of bio sauna, the combination of pleasant temperature and high level of humidity. The various fragrances, meditation music and the changing colours of light therapy in the sauna are providing a particularly pleasant reserve.

Herbal sauna

Temperature: 55-60 °C Humidity: 20-25% Sound, light and aroma therapic, herbal saunas: The healing power of light comes from that the body could activate its regenerative powers through the light. Every colour has its biological effect, different colours have affect our body and mood in a different way.

Salt room

The cave has a unique atmosphere and the steady temperature, filled with mineral materials bears a negative charge that is beneficial for the health.


1.Mango and lavender scent of sea salt with salt scurb

Velvety skin in one step, exfoliation and skin care in one. Sea salt gently removes dead epithelial cells and delivers nourishing oils deep into the pores. 


2.Kiwi and sugar body scrub

We use three types of fine-grained sugar and a mixture of kiwi seeds to exfoliate, smooth and soften the skin surface.


3.Show, show, show

The word „show” speaks for itself, everyone will have a great time hear during the nearly ten minute stages. After that we will leave refreshed, reborned and free from stress and toxins.


4.Russian rod in a cheerful mood

At first, it might sound strange to whistle in the sauna for someone who has not met before that in the sauna, but who has already tried it is an unforgettable experience. The purpose of the tap is to refresh the blood circulation, thus helping to remove toxins from the body, while the wonderful smell of birch wood fills the sauna.


5.Chocolate – flip – sweet feelings (steam cabin)

Contrary to other seance, the program does not take place in in a 45 ° C steam cabin instead of Finnish sauna cabin.

Guests lubricate their body with chocolate cream, which is slowly melt and absorded through the skin because of the heat and the high humidit. With its delicate scent, it captivates and lifts you from the gray of everyday life. Chocolate has an excellent anti-aging effect because of the high antioxidant content of cocoa butter. It dramatically improves the quality of tired and worn skin.


6.Sweeet Honey – Honey touch

The warmth of the sauna, the aroma of essential oils and cognac, as well as the beneficial effects of flower honey, are combined by the honey seance. After a short pre-sweat, the honey, which becomes liquid when warm, is absorbed by the skin and absorbed through the pores.

Minerals make the skin silky, healthier.


7.After Eight – sauna seance with mint

Pouring it with the aroma of mint and chocolate targets the senses. Thanks to the cooling and purifying effect of menthol, the airways and mind are refreshed. The scent of chocolate releases endorphin, the hormone of happiness.


8.Ice Mint Kamikaze

Thanks to the intense contrast between the intense hot air and the ice, and the sauna master’s technique, the blood circulation stimulating and refreshing effect is achieved. Thanks to Peppermint, the airways are cleared. As a result of the alternation, there are several pleasurable shakes running through our bodies, which release hormones of happiness.


9.Sauna show with rod

Such infusions are held by skilled craftsmen. A very unique experience is the aroma of the leaves falling from the foliage of the trees, while we treat our bodies with warmed bunches of birch with various fluttering movements. Mostly these virgins are made from birch, oak and eucalyptus tree branches.


10.Citrus cooler

In the extreme environment of the sauna, our body defends itself by sweating and in addition to toxins, many minerals are also eliminated. Therefore, the sauna master offers fresh fruit in the sauna for skin rubbing and after that for tasting. Vitamins and minerals are absorbed much more intensively after a sauna.