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Crystal Tower Adventure Park

The 3-level adventure course, which is unique in Hungary, is completed by 90 elements, the integral element of which is freedom. We can progress according to our own decision, either skipping the more difficult elements or repeating the sections we like.

90-element adventure course, 10-meter high climbing wall, 120 people can use it at the same time, can be used over 3 years

Crystal Tower Ropeway

Climbing wall – The world of vertical passion!

Mini Crystal Tower Ropeway

A giant swing with the experience of free fall!


Artificial grass outdoor soccer field

Caramell Fitness

Our fitness room is located at the ground floor of building A, it is equipped with the most up-to-date cardio machines (treadmill, elliptical trainer, statioary bicycle) and isotonic machines, with a beautiful view of the local horizon of Bükfürdő.


The Fit ball is the ideal tool of figure shaping, poise fixing, strengthening and stretching. It is the effective solution for back and waist pain, caused by desk job. With its help, our conditioning and coordination skills could be improved in harmony and it it also very effective of removing cellulite. Sitting on the ball it is easy to poise the spine right, improving the metabolism of vertebral disks, by massaging them with the forces, affecting the disks.
Exercises with the ball is safe, it can be done by any age or level of toughness.

Spinal gymnastics is the sum of exercises that are made for making the spine mobile and creating an active muscle corset. It includes strengthening and stretching exercises for the muscles of the abdomen, the back and the bum. The sickness and damage of the spine is the most frequent among civilization sicknesses, caused by the weakening of the abdominal and back muscles. That is why spinal gymnastics is recommended for everyone, disregarding the age and also recommended for mitigating an already occured spinal problem.

The neck and shoulder training helps easing the pain in the joints of the neck, caused by the wrong poise and desk job and also from the stiff and burdened muscles of the shoulder girdle. It improves the mobility of the neck with simple exercises, strengthens the muscles and helps recovering the normal status of the neck. The neck training not only strengthens and stretches the muscles, it also boosts the blood circulation in the brain. The training helps loosening the neck section of the spine, preventing later problems or reducing the existing symptoms.

The progressive relaxation is an effective loosening technique that helps reducing distress. The point of the method is to stiffen and loosen several muscle groups of the body, on purpose. It can be used to reduce stress, a quick recharge, enhancing the physical and mental performance and helping for the good sleep.

It includes both the simple, static stretching exercises and the more complex ones, consisting of stiffening, loosening and stretching and the different techniques and methods of static stretching too. Its main aim is to keep the flexibility of the body and the joints and to restore them to their original state. Besides prevention, stretching could be used as therapy. In case of prevention, the goal is to keep the physiological thresholds of the given joints by reducing the stress in the muscles. In therapic use, we focus on to regain the decreased joint latitude.

The training is done with an effective figure shaping tool, a special elastic band. It is effective to improve the strength and endurance and also for shaping the figure. One of its advantages is its elasticity, it provides a versatile and diverse training program. Its advantage over the dumbbell is that it draws on the musculature more, because the band resists during the whole motion cycle (both at the stretch and release). The exercises done with different fastened bands are making the problematic parts of the body, the muscles of the bum, the thigh and the upper-arm.

Strengthening and loosening exercises done in water, emphasized on working on the muscles of the arm and the abdomen, with various tools. Using the rising-force of water, every damage to the joints or overstrain could be avoided.


The light, running in the morning with our animators, or alone could provide euphoria for the whole day. The training starts with solid warm-up and ends with stretching. Exercising in the fresh air helps the circulation, provides the cells with fresh oxygen, thus improving the mental performance too. It is a splendid figure shaping exercise and also supplies the effect of weight-losing programs.

The option of bicycle renting gives excellent relaxation for our guests, who wish to spend their free time actively. With a pleasant bicycle tour, exploring the surroundings of Bükfürdő is a real treat. The Health Spa, the Kneipp park, the adult playground or the fishing pond nearby are easily accessible.
For renting, please ask at our reception!

Nordic walking has Finnish roots. What makes it different from regular walking is that with the use of special sticks, the upper limbs are actively joining to the motion too. This training form taxes 90% of all the muscles, thus making the whole body work. The body weight is split between the lower limbs and the sticks that can reduce the stress on joints by 30%. The training done in fresh air, in a group, improves the vitality of the body, maintains the condition, strengthens the immune system, makes you feel better, decreases the depression and the mood swings. It is specially recommended for those, who are suffering from bone thinning.

We have tables for playing table tennis at our hotel for our guests. For renting paddles and balls, please ask at our reception!

At the ground floor of building C, we are waiting our guests with a two-laned bowling alley and foosball table. For lane renting, please ask at our reception!

The yards of our hotel could be used to play badminton. For renting, please ask at our reception!

Caramella Kids Club

The club is Caramell Premium Resort **** superior’s unique  child animation programs.
The hotel has a professional sport and children animation team who ensure the uniqueness and versatility of hotel animation: the Resort’s own rope and adventure park, the Crystal Tower, a well-equipped themed playroom and playgrounds, a variety of sports facilities (artificial turf football pitch, bowling alley) provide an excellent opportunity for the most creative animation sessions.


It is located in the western part of river Répce, at the foot of the Alps. The settlement is almost a thousand years old. The discovery of the unique mineral content of medicinal water made a difference in the life of Bük. It surfaced after oil drilling in the late 1950s.

– 1 minute    – 5 minutes   – 10 minutes

Ausztria – Lutzmannsburg-Frankenau Közép-Burgenland napfényes vidékén Ausztria legmodernebb élmény- és wellness-fürdőinek tekinthető.

Itt azok a családok, akik szórakozást és izgalmat keresnek, ugyanúgy megtalálják számításukat, mint akik teljes nyugalomra és egy kis kényeztetésre vágynak.

– 33 minutes     – 151 minutes

The fruit and wine road of Csepreg is about 12 km far from Bükfürdő. The fate of the city has always been intertwined with that of the vineyard.

– 10 minutes     – 18 minutes   – 75 minutes

The county seat is rich in cultural programs, to name a few: Spring Festival, St. George’s Day Handicraft Fair, Savaria International Dance Competition, Leopold Bloom Day, Bartók Seminary and Festival, Savaria Carnival, Pannon Autumn.

– 23 minutes     – 137 minutes

The former Benedictine parish church, now named after St. George, is one of the most important monuments of Romanian architecture in Hungary.

– 42 minutes     – 153 minutes

The city was named after an Árpád-era castle that still standing on Óház Hill. The foundation of the town is due to Henrik Kőszegi. He and his son, Ivan, built the city with the regular street system and a castle in the city’s northwest corner. 

– 30 minutes     – 85 minutes

 The second richest city in Hungary in terms of monuments is Sopron, which is covered with pine forests, gardens and gazebos.

– 55 minutes     – 177 minutes

The location of the place is a meeting place of different traditions and provides space for all artistic branches.

– 31 minutes     – 115 minutes

The most significant site of the material relics is the 582 meter high St. Vid hill above the municipality.

– 34 minutes     – 136 minutes

Local and nearby producers

Local and nearby producers

We would like to draw your attention to the self-made / manufactured products offered by local producers. Attend Bük, Bükfürdő events, visit the vendors listed below the link, and discover the finest local honey, jams and wines!

Purchase handmade items and souvenirs, taste the homemade meats, dairy products, and pickles!


The producer’s profile is available at the following link:



Get out in the evenings and enjoy the night in our building „C” at the Cayenne bar, where you will find two bowling alley. Please contact our reception for your reservation.

Price: 4.000 HUF/Hour

Opening hours:
Sunday – Thursday: 6.00 pm – 10.00 pm
Friday – Saturday: 6.00 pm – 12.00 pm