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SILENT ZONE – Adults only thermal and wellness island

Since the establishment of our hotel, it has followed and applied a holistic view in all areas, the principle of which is the unity and harmony of body, soul and spirit.


Since the establishment of our hotel, it has followed and applied a holistic view in all areas, the principle of which is the unity and harmony of body, soul and spirit. The special power of the 46.5 ° C thermal water, which bursts from a depth of almost 900 meters, awaits the multitude of those who want to relax and recover. It is a rare treasure whose effects can be successfully combined with the expertise of the hotel's rheumatologists and physiotherapists. It is excellent for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, stomach ailments and gynecological problems. Our guests receive the necessary treatment, which means that we not only heal with thermal water, but also take advantage of the beneficial effects of our caramell medical center’s treatments.

The wellness department in our main building is an oasis of undisturbed, peaceful relaxation, exclusively for people aged over 16. In our thermal department, which evokes the unique atmosphere of the Far Eastern - mainly Thai and Indonesian - style features, our guests can enjoy the beneficial effect of the thermal water of Bükfürdő in luxurious surroundings. The thermal section of the Caramell Premium Resort offers ideal conditions for relaxation and recharging. The relaxation area in the immediate vicinity of the pool, the comfortable loungers and the natural sunlight that penetrates the lotus motifs on the window screens guarantee a quiet relaxation and a special feeling of well-being, all enhanced by the soothing effect of Turkish steam, infrared sauna and tepidarium. The carefully processed column elements, lights with a Far Eastern look, concealed lighting and gold-metallic structured surfaces with an exotic, spicy atmosphere give the body, soul and spirit a perfect relaxation.

Exclusive wellness experience, unique design

• Unique interior, modern design, Thai and Indonesian style elements, concealed lighting, surfaces with a golden metal structure
• Access control system for hotel guests and external visitors
• Modern, comfortable changing system
• Two separate round thermal water pools with a total of 60 m2 of organic shape
• Spacious indoor resting area with comfortable loungers
• Turkish steam bath, infrared sauna, tepidarium
• Additional rooms in the thermal department: Toilet, showers, disabled toilet

On the island of calm, our guests can enjoy our thermal water in 2 separate pools with a total of 60 m2 in organic form, free of adventure elements, with different temperatures all year round. Thermal water, which can be used for both prevention and treatment, has a temperature of 34-36 ° C in one pool and 36-38 ° C in the other.

Caramell thermal water
Our thermal water is rich in minerals and it is excellent for the treatment, cure and relaxation of musculoskeletal diseases, rheumatic complaints, abrasions and gynecological problems, accident and surgical aftercare. 

It is important to adhere to the specified time limit!

Recommended bathing time: 2 x 30 minutes per day, unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor.

Our invading thermal water is under constant quality control. The spa is filled with fresh thermal water every morning. The water in the pool is free of chemical components and thus ensures the optimal effect of the healing water.

Areas of application:
Chronic, degenerative joint and spinal diseases
Inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system
Dissolve muscle cramps
Disc disorder
Postural disorders
Soft tissue rheumatism
Muscle strain
Joint sprain
Sports injuries
Rehabilitation after orthopedic operations
Rehabilitation after neurosurgery
Follow-up treatment of accident operations

× Severe heart, circulatory and respiratory failure
× Infectious disease, febrile condition
× Acute inflammation
× Faecal and urinary incontinence
× Cancer
× Thrombosis, hypertension, epilepsy
× Extensive inflammation of the skin, open wound, damage to the skin
× Pregnancy
× Under age of 14

Every day: 7.00 am – 6.00 pm

Silent Zone – Thermal&SPA house rules